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Please smoke!'


After two years of being bullied by the EU smoking ban, we decided to make the smoking public feel a bit better again.

That's why this game can only be played using burning cigarettes!

That's right: if you don't smoke, you'd better start now
for SMOKE PONG, the smokers-only videogame

making smoking rooms bearable
since 2010

A visit to the Mediamatic Arcade Expo...

Pecha Kucha about SMOKE PONG and Room Racers, at Mediamatic's IGNITE

SMOKE PONG at Club Trouw: Amsterdam's #1 smoking area Photo: Kim Langhout,
SMOKE PONG on the roof of Science Center NEMO Photo: Tom Roelofs,
SMOKE PONG running on Volle Band's projector-bicycle Photo: Didier Jansen,
Smokers playing at Club Trouw Photo: Raymond van Mil,
Two girls playing SMOKE PONG
A smoker celebrates his victory on the roof of NEMO
The SMOKE PONG official logo