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Headrush Headrush

Physically dodge the obstacles as you race your opponent through the holographic 3D VR world.

Game installation, 2014-2016?
(New versions coming soon!)

Room Racers Room Racers

Race virtual cars around household items. Change the track whenever you like!

Game installation, 2010-2012.

Virtual Growth Virtual Growth

Watch eerie 'living' light slowly
trace the environment.

You can help it spread,
or wipe it out instead...

Interactive projection mapping, 2010-2012.


The smokers only videogame.

If you don't smoke,
you can't play!

Game installation, 2009-2012.

Future Visuals Future Visuals

Real-time audio-reactive stereoscopic 3D visuals synthesizer for live VJ performances.

Software, 2009-2014.

MusicalNodes - the visual music library MusicalNodes - the visual music library

Categorize your music any way YOU like.

This alternative for iTunes or WinAmp offers extensive search functionality and provides an interactive visual overview of your collection.

with Lisa Dalhuijsen
Software prototype, 2008-2010.

Kleur een Clip Kleur een Clip

Turn any video into a stack of
black-and-white coloring pages.

Whenever a page is finished, you can scan it and see the video come alive with color!

Software, 2011.

Team Untangle Team Untangle

This game explores and measures our problem solving behaviour.

The installation projects a giant puzzle onto the floor. It can be solved quicker with more players, but you will have to work together!

Will you be faster alone or in a team?

Matt Jarvis and Casper Schipper
Game/research installation, 2008.

Shadow Creatures Shadow Creatures

Watch virtual shadows react
to your real one, as you unsuspectingly walk through the projector beam.

with Lisa Dalhuijsen
Interactive projection, 2007.

Webcam Airmouse! Webcam Airmouse!

Control your mouse cursor
by moving your webcam!

Intended for camera phones and PC's (back when motion sensors were not very common), this software is as efficient as can be.

On average, the core algorithm does two additions and less then one subtraction per pixel. It runs in O(n) linear time.

Software, 2007.

Songbird Songbird

An audio-only installation
for two (or more) rooms, that stimulates people to be silent.

A virtual songbird will fly around looking for a quiet place to perch. Eventually, it will start its lovely song. Loud noise may startle it, or make it flee to another room.
If all rooms are noisy, the bird might choose to disappear completely...

Interactive audio installation, 2009.

Various game prototypes Various game prototypes

Various motion/touch/vision based gameplay ideas and prototypes.

The image shows a physics-based climbing game. Hit the small platforms to sling yourself upwards, but don't miss the next one or you will come falling down again.

Software prototypes, 2007-2013.

Interactive Logo Interactive Logo

A physics-based interactive logo projection that will react when people walk past (or over) it.

Interactive projection, 2008-2009.

Automatic Camera-Projector Calibration Automatic Camera-Projector Calibration

Created for a commercial
laser-based shooting simulator product, this software does fully automatic calibration of a 2D camera-projection system.

Software, 2007-2009.

Anamorphic Projection Anamorphic Projection

Displays a 3D model or animation in seemingly correct perspective from one person's point of view.

(similar to '3D' street paintings or Andrea Pozzo's famous ceiling painting in Rome)

By exploiting a Kinect Sensor, this one will stay correct even when the viewer moves around.

Software prototype, 2011.